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May 27, 2022



Healthgrades Insider: WriteMD


WriteMD® boosts marketing efficiency and helps engage low-funnel patients most likely to ask doctors for your brand — but how does it work? Take a look behind the scenes.

Healthcare consumers can encounter pharmaceutical ads almost everywhere as they surf the internet—as commercials during a Youtube video, banners on heavily frequented sites, and even paid search results. Still, there’s no guarantee that these ads will reach high-value low-funnel prospects at a pivotal moment—right before they see a doctor who’s most likely to write a branded prescription. 

This is where WriteMD comes in. WriteMD is a completely digital list-match consumer-facing solution from Healthgrades, America’s #1 website for finding and connecting with a doctor. But how does it work, and how can it help drive branded prescriptions? Let’s take a closer look.

What is WriteMD?

WriteMD is a solution that improves on traditional point-of-care marketing to engage patients at the moment when it matters most. In-office brochures, pamphlets, and even kiosks that feature your ads have become less effective as more patients turn to telehealth, and if they do pay an in-person visit to a doctor’s office they’ll likely turn their attention to their own smartphones—not your ads. Also, online check-in procedures and pre-filled paperwork have reduced wait times significantly. Even if a prospective patient engages with your in-office ads, digital or otherwise, they don’t have enough time to research your brand before heading to their appointment. 

Turn these challenges into opportunities for your brand with WriteMD. This solution uses list-matching to place your brand’s ads on the Healthgrades profile of your most valuable prescribers for the duration of your campaign. Powered by the Healthgrades platform, WriteMD grants you exclusive access to a pool of patients and caretakers who are ready to explore treatment options and make an appointment with your high-value doctors. Since 99 percent of all healthcare professionals in the United States have profiles on Healthgrades, WriteMD allows you to focus your brand’s reach and drive marketing efficiency.

How Does WriteMD Work?

With WriteMD, you can corner the market and make sure patients see your ads—and only your ads—when they’re on the profile of a doctor who’s valuable to your brand.

Let’s say that a patient needs to see a dermatologist for their moderate plaque psoriasis, so they start searching on Healthgrades to find one near them. After narrowing down their options and finding a specialist who looks like a good fit, they click on that doctor’s profile for more information. If you’re marketing a brand treatment for psoriasis and you have a partnership with WriteMD, your ads will be strategically placed on that specialist’s page. WriteMD campaigns provide brands with a 100% share of voice (SOV), meaning they won’t be replaced by another brand’s pharma ads if the patient refreshes the page. Ad placement is purposefully list-matched to target patients of doctors who are most likely to prescribe your brand, which optimizes your spend and ensures your ads reach the right patients before they visit the right doctors.  

The patient sees your ad as they conduct more research and then decides to book an appointment. In the days leading up to their appointment, the patient continues to receive messaging from your brand. WriteMD messages prospects across the web for up to 30 days after visiting a doctor’s Healthgrades profile for three key reasons:

  1. More than 80 percent of patients who visit Healthgrades book an appointment within the first 30 days, so WriteMD ensures your ads are reaching a consumer who is ready to act and that they’ll be choosing a doctor likely to write your brand’s prescriptions.
  2. It gives prospects time to research a prescription brand on their own.
  3. It keeps the brand top-of-mind until a patient’s appointment so they remember to mention it to their doctor.

By the time a patient is ready to appoint with a specialist, you’ve had plenty of opportunities to make an impression, and they’ll feel confident bringing up your brand to their specialist.

WriteMD in Action: A Case Study

Brand Challenge

There are roughly 11,000 active dermatologists in the United States, but only a fraction are high prescribers of biologics for plaque psoriasis treatment. Our partner pharmaceutical brand—in a fiercely-competitive category in a fragmented market—needed a way to engage with the low-funnel patients who were most likely to ask doctors for the brand’s treatment.  

WriteMD Solution

WriteMD worked with our client to identify the high-value prescribers for their brand, then launched brand-exclusive takeovers on 1,058 priority specialists’ profiles on healthgrades.com.  


Over the course of 12 months, our client’s WriteMD campaign educated over 1.5 million profile visitors on their brand’s plaque psoriasis treatment. As a result, the program drove 91 net new patient starts (incremental patients) and 108 incremental continuing patients – delivering a 6:1 ROI for new patient starts.  

Source: IQVIA (3rd Party) Conversion Study

Healthgrades and WriteMD: A Powerful Marketing Duo

Casting a wide net across the web can’t promise you the conversions your brand needs. Maximize marketing efficiency by investing in a targeted list-match solution that connects you to the right patients of the right specialists at the right time in their patient journey. Contact us today to learn more about how WriteMD can benefit your brand.