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Oct 05, 2023



Target Patients of Your High-Value Prescribers with WriteMD and WriteMD Network

Patient speaks to a doctor in a doctor's office.

Introducing WriteMD Network—the newest pharma marketing option that expands reach across syndicated sites to bring even more engagement and unique visitors to your brand.

As a pharma marketer, where can you find the largest pool of qualified patients for your brand? You could invest in an exhaustive programmatic campaign to extend your reach and exposure, but is it enough to bring conversions to your brand? Casting a wide digital net may bolster general brand awareness; however, it does not necessarily guarantee that your audience members are condition sufferers seeking treatment. Furthermore, most digital strategies fail to consider the doctors who are most likely to prescribe your brand’s treatment. 

We have a solution. Implement WriteMD—a digital list-match solution from Healthgrades—and/or its complementary product, WriteMD Network, into your existing strategy.

As an extension of WriteMD, WriteMD Network promotes your brand on our network of syndicated sites—including Medical News Today, Sharecare, and Healthline—to boost awareness and engage the patients researching and likely to appoint with your brand’s highest-value prescribers. Here’s how it works to keep your pharma brand top of mind.

Meeting Patients at the Right Place, at the Right Time

For pharmaceutical marketers, online search is a dynamic channel that offers tremendous reach to a self-qualifying audience proactively looking for health information and potential solutions. Historically, marketers have focused their search efforts on symptoms, comorbidities, conditions or indications, and brand names, enabling their brands to target consumers at unique points along their health journey—from self-diagnosis to treatment exploration.

Yet, in this intricate healthcare journey, there’s an often-overlooked chapter—the professional treatment phase. This point of connection between patients and physicians is where the conversions happen. During this pivotal moment, pharma brands can intersect patients at the right place at the right time, right before they align with their physicians on a treatment plan.

While pharma marketers know who the key healthcare professionals are that prescribe their product, they often don’t invest their search budget against the identities of those physicians. And it’s likely because buying search terms for the hundreds and thousands of doctors available isn’t efficient. But what pharma marketers don’t realize is that there’s another, more effective way to do this.

Physician search directories already invest heavily in optimizing their respective sites. By investing strategically in doctor search directories, marketers can indirectly—and thoughtfully—focus their search budgets on the physicians who will have the greatest impact on script volume.

Maximizing Marketing Efficiency with WriteMD

WriteMD is a completely digital list-match solution by Healthgrades, America’s leading marketplace for connecting patients with doctors. WriteMD grants you exclusive access to a pool of patients and caretakers who are ready to explore treatment options and make an appointment with your high-value doctors. WriteMD is not just another marketing tool; it’s your key to engaging with the right patients of the right physicians at the right time. Here’s how: 

  • Let’s say that a patient needs to see a dermatologist for moderate plaque psoriasis, so they start searching on Healthgrades to find one nearby. 
  • After narrowing down their options and finding a specialist who looks like a good fit, they click on that doctor’s profile for more information. 
  • If you’re marketing a brand treatment for psoriasis and have a partnership with WriteMD, your ads will be strategically placed on that specialist’s page.
  • WriteMD campaigns provide brands with a 100% share of voice (SOV), meaning they won’t be replaced by another brand’s pharma ads if the patient refreshes the page—ensuring your message remains uninterrupted.
  • Ad placement is purposefully list-matched to target patients of doctors who are most likely to prescribe your brand. This optimizes your spend and ensures your ads reach the right patients before they visit the right doctors. 

Traditional point-of-care (PoC) marketing solutions can’t guarantee your message reaches patients of the doctors who matter most. WriteMD is designed to place your brand’s advertisements directly onto the healthgrades.com profiles of your highest and most valuable prescribers for the duration of your campaign. With 99% of all healthcare professionals in the United States having profiles on Healthgrades, WriteMD offers the unique opportunity to concentrate your brand’s reach and amplify the efficacy of your campaign.

With WriteMD, you can extend the single-branded experience from 30 minutes to 30 days to keep your brand top-of-mind throughout the patient healthcare journey. The WriteMD solution helps eliminate dependency on in-office appointments by digitally engaging patients both in-person and via telehealth.

In a world where precision matters, WriteMD enables your brand to connect with the right patients at the right time. But there’s no such thing as too much reach. WriteMD Network improves the odds that a patient will see your brand’s ads.

Expand Your Marketing Horizons with WriteMD Network

WriteMD Network enhances the capabilities of WriteMD and enables your brand to forge even more meaningful connections with patients on their way to your high-value prescribers. It also extends the power of WriteMD from Healthgrades across our network of syndicated sites, including Medical News Today, Sharecare, and Healthline, for optimal visibility and reach.

Our physician finder experience is powered by Healthgrades data, making it an ideal platform to showcase your brand’s message and thus improving the odds that patients encounter your brand’s advertisements when they are most engaged in their treatment journey.

Another perk? You don’t need WriteMD to enjoy the benefits of WriteMD Network. You can seamlessly integrate WriteMD Network into your marketing strategy as a stand-alone solution. Plus, with its cost-per-unique-visitor (CPUV) pricing model, WriteMD Network serves as an accessible entry point into highly targeted cross-syndication marketing, making it easier to factor into your existing marketing strategy and focus your search budgets on the physicians you want to target to bring new eyes (and potentially more prescriptions) to your pharma brand.

WriteMD Network: The Path to Better Patient Engagement

Account for every step in the patient journey with a digital solution that not only reaches more patients but also resonates with them. With WriteMD Network, you can achieve all of that—without the competitive clutter. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how WriteMD Network can boost your pharma brand strategy.